Greenacres residents upset with USPS over missing mail and say it's costing them money

GREENACRES, Fla. - Rain, sleet, and snow won't stop the mailman, but what about the sunshine?

“I come over here to get my mail and I find an empty mailbox at least three times a week. To me that seems impossible. No junk mail. Nothing,” said Vincent Farsaze.

The missing mail mess is impacting seasonal and permanent residents in the Greenacres’ Pine Ridge Development.

“I haven’t gotten my telephone bill for two months,” said Phyllis Grabinski.

“I haven’t received my 1099 which I’m going to need,” said Dorothy Widmaier.

Farsaze doesn't know when all his bills are due because he doesn't bank online. He relies on the mail to avoid late fees or worse.

“I’ve had my car insurance dropped because it was due and they dropped me,” said Farsaze.

All of these residents have dropped by the post office to complain, but asked the Consumer Watchdog for help.

“Three post offices we went to in one day and got no satisfaction at all,” said Grabinski.

The Watchdog got the postmaster to watch the route closely. The problem routes were recently changed to balance workloads and the post office admits that caused a learning curve with new mail carriers.

Residents say they only have problems when there's a sub delivering their mail, but it’s a problem the postmaster is committed to correcting.

“I just want my mail to get here when it’s supposed to get here,” said Widmaier.

The postmaster held a meeting with the mail carriers and supervisors to address this issue so they say the mail will start arriving on time.

Debbie Fetterly with the United States Postal Service issued the following statement:

The Postmaster investigated mail delivery to the Pine Ridge development.  This Greenacres development has approximately 125 buildings whose occupants are both permanent and seasonal.

Recently in the Greenacres community, the U.S. Postal Service implemented route adjustments. Changes in mail volume, improvements in systems used to process and deliver mail, and new delivery points added in the community require periodic readjustment of delivery routes.  Balancing the workload for all delivery routes helps us meet our goal to provide the public with timely, consistent, and quality delivery service at the lowest possible cost.  Although most customers will receive their mail at approximately the same time, when routes are adjusted, some customers may receive their mail earlier than before, while some customers may receive their mail at a later time. 

Route adjustment changes have resulted in a learning curve for some of our new carriers.  The Postmaster has met with supervisors and carriers to review the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for delivery and to address the concerns of Pine Ridge residents.  The Postmaster has committed to monitoring the route to ensure that our customers receive outstanding service.

The U.S. Postal Service is constantly changing, but its mission remains the same – to deliver the mail promptly, efficiently, accurately, and to do so in a friendly manner. 



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