Gas prices spike again; supply to blame


Gas prices have reached their highest level since last summer.

A gallon of unleaded fuel hit an average of $3.67 today, according to AAA’s fuel gauge report. The rate is an increase from $3.64 last week and $3.52 a month ago.

One year ago, national prices for regular gasoline were $3.52, according to the report.

“Essentially, it’s coming down to supply,” AAA spokesperson Nancy White said.

Supply is 5 percent lower than a year ago due to increased demand and refinery maintenance.

Gas companies also are switching from winter blends to summer blends. White said AAA projects prices to peak in the next couple weeks until the switch is completed.

“We anticipate that it should be wrapping up to a close in the next few weeks,” she said.

White said AAA expects the price for a gallon of gasoline to range from $3.55 to $3.75 in the spring and into the early summer.

Not all states are being impacted in the same way. California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and New York have some of the nation’s highest gas prices.

Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming, Missouri and Montana are among the lowest.

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