Gas prices spike: AAA says gas prices jumped between ten to twelve cents over the past week

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Gas prices have sharply increased over the last week and economists estimate that prices won't go down anytime soon.

AAA says gas prices jumped between ten and twelve cents over the past week.

Experts believe drivers could see prices continue to rise until possibly mid-September.

Economists cite tensions in the Middle East and a jump in fuel demand as the reasons for the increase.

The national average, which currently sits at $3.67, is 23 cents higher compared to this time last year.

The cost of a barrel of oil rose to $108.05, two dollars more than the previous week.

Now that hurricane season has begun, experts said motorists in the southeast region could see gas prices rise as high as $3.80, if a storm disrupts refineries.

Florida's current average is at $3.64.

According to Gas Buddy, West Palm Beach drivers can find gas as low as $3.58. And along the Treasure Coast, the cheapest gas is around $3.56.

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