FTC shuts Green Millionaire, Free and Clear infomercials

Don't Waste Your Money

Remember when infomercials were fun to watch? But then Billy Mays died and Vince Offer ran into some trouble with the law.

Now, they're not as enjoyable, and worse, the FTC is pulling the plug on some of them.

Remember the Golden Age?

The golden age of infomercials may be behind us.
We used to get a kick out of watching Billy Bays pitch OxiClean, the Awesome Auger and so many other products. And some of his items -- OxiClean comes to mind -- actually worked pretty well.
In recent years, though, more and more infomercials have pitched easy ways to wealth.
There was the Green Millionaire , who showed how to put solar panels on your roof for almost nothing, then pay no electric bills forever.

And do you remember the smiling people in John Beck's Free and Clear Real Estate System, who got rich buying and flipping houses?  They would often be interviewed in front of their yacht, parked in the big fancy marina.

To watch a video of the commercial, click on the video player below. (Note to mobile users: Open in a browser to watch the video.)


FTC Steps In

But you won't see either one anymore, because the FTC has shut down both the Green Millionaire and the Free and Clear infomercials.
The FTC has just won a federal court judgment against John Beck's system, claiming nearly everyone who bought it lost money.

It has also shut down and sued the Green Millionaire, saying the supposed "free book," showing you how to do it, led to an $89 annual subscription.

So from the "doesn't that stink" file, paying more and more money to a get-rich-quick infomercial that ends up draining your wallet.

The one thing these two infomercials had in common:  Both claimed you you get something for almost nothing.

If getting rich quick were easy, everyone would be rich.
So you might want to stick with the OxiClean and Sham Wow for now, so you don't waste your money.


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