Free: Websites can help you find great deals and free products and samples

 It seems like a new websites featuring free stuff pop up almost every week.

Master money savers say they should be a daily destination.

Jody Rohlena at ShopSmart magazine brags about the freebie websites being the reason why she hasn't had to buy eye shadow in years.

She's gotten so many free samples, she hasn't had to purchase her own.

"Typically that's what these freebies are. They're little sample-size things," she explains. and are two that she says often send a coupon with the free sample.

The catch is you'll have to give up some information about yourself, including an e-mail address.

Rohlena says it shouldn't be your primary address.

"You can make up a dedicated e-mail address and we encourage you to do that so that your inbox isn't flooded with all kinds of stuff," she says.

Some sites even list all the free activities available in the area you live.

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