Free way to block robocalls could help you hang up on those illegal calls

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Annoyed at dinner time by a robocall? Violations of the Do Not Call list are a top consumer complaint to the Florida Department of Agriculture this year and also in 2013.

While the frustration continues to grow, there is new technology that could eliminate this headache in the future.

The Federal Trade Commission is fed up with all these robocalls just like you. It held a contest last year, and gave away $50,000 for a solution to these annoying and illegal phone calls.

Now, one of those winning solutions is hitting the market.

It's called Nomorobo, and it's free. It filters out robocalls before your phone even rings.

It works with a service called simultaneous ringing. That allows more than one line to ring at a time from the same number. This is offered with most VOIP or voice over internet protocol services.

While it's not mainstream, it's offering hope to customers who want to hang up on robocalls.

Click here to see if this is available for your landline or wireless phone number.

The company's big push to make this more widely available is to have you call your carrier to ask for this type of technology to be supported.

So you can start blocking robocalls too!


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