Fourth of July 2014 gas prices are expected to climb due to tension in Iraq

The cost of celebrating our independence this coming weekend is going to be higher, mainly because of our dependence on fuel.

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The record number of people AAA is expecting to hit the road this weekend for July 4th will find themselves paying a near-record price for a gallon of gas.

"It is extremely high for this early part of summer. In fact, most drivers are paying the highest gas prices for early summer in six years," said Michael Green of AAA.

A large part of the unexpected rise in gas prices on this holiday weekend has to do with the current unsteady situation in Iraq.

"This is unexpected, Iraq is a major oil producer, it's the second largest oil producer in OPEC and that fear in the marketplace that rebels could take over is what's driving up the cost of gasoline prices here at home," said Green.

AAA flagged Tuesday’s national average price of gas is $3.68 per gallon.  It's $3.61 for regular in South Florida.

The national average on July 4 in previous years was: $3.48 (2013); $3.34 (2012); $3.57 (2011); $2.74 (2010); $2.62 (2009); and $4.10 (2008).

Courtesy: NBC News Channel