Food kept at wrong temperature a common problem for state inspectors

Hummus, cheese, and salami were a few of the items that had to be thrown out recently at "Renzo's Café Pizzeria" in Boca Raton.

State inspectors require cold food to be held at no greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case, the items were found to be at 53 degrees, and inspectors issued a stop sale.

"It's very common for food to be out of temperature frequently unfortunately," says Fred Stein, a food safety expert with Safe Food Connection. "People get sick when food is not held properly."

Inspectors also found several other foods out of temperature at the Boca restaurant. Some were moved to another cooler, while other items were covered with ice. We contacted the pizza restaurant for a statement.

They claim the inspector had the wrong information, and have contacted the inspector's supervisor.


Golda Restaurant, 706 W. Boynton Beach Blvd in Boynton Beach was cited for an accumulation of dead or trapped insects or other pests in control devices. They were also cited for live flies in the kitchen.

B Merry Gastro Pub, 31 SW Osceola St. #C-D in Stuart was cited for rodent activity evidenced by rodent droppings found. The inspector did observe monthly pest control reports, with a recent visit in November.

Chops Lobster Bar, 101 Plaza Real S Ste M in Boca Raton, had small flying insects in the coffee, iced tea server station. The COO of the restaurant says it was an isolated incident, and they have an aggressive pest control program in place.


Mikey's Hot Dog & Pizza Emporium, 620 Glades Road in Boca Raton, had a stop sale on ham, turkey, chicken strips, cheese, tuna salad and chicken salad held out of temperature in one of the coolers.

Sal's Italian Ristorante, 129 S SR7 #401-A in Royal Palm Beach had a stop sale on soup. A manager Chris says the soup wasn't cooled down enough before they put it in the walk-in cooler.

Grill Time of Boca, 8177 Glades Road #21 & 22 in Boca Raton had a stop sale on a food container stored in ice used for drinks. Rami, the restaurant's new developer, says there was no ice in the bin at the time.


Spice Thai Restaurant, 270 NW Peacock Blvd Ste. 108 in Port St. Lucie had 25 violations for the work week ending 12/6, the most of any restaurant. The manager, Rachanee, says the violations have been fixed.

Golden Chopsticks, 1283 SW Del Rio Blvd in Port St. Lucie had 24 violations. The kitchen manager Benny says it was a bunch of little things that have since been fixed.

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