Why cutting cable may not save that much

Dont Waste Your Money

You hear so much these days about cutting the cable cord to save money.

I've even featured some people who have done it.

But before you do it, you need to know about some downsides, and why canceling cable may not be best for you.

Not as Simple as it Seems

It sounds simple: Drop cable, sign up for Netflix, hook up an antenna, and watch TV for pennies.

But it is not so simple, and not so cheap, according to a new report in DealNews.com.

Among the things to consider:

    --You'll want Netflix, at $8 a month.

    --You will probably want Hulu plus,for its DVR features, another $8 a month

    --You will still need high speed internet,  $30 a month, though you could get by with slower speed at $15 to $20 (as long as you are not an online gamer, or have several people watching videos at once).

    --And you will want to rent a few movies from iTunes or Google Play at $3 each.

So plan on spending $50 a month for TV, even without having cable.

Doesn't That Stink?

But from the doesn't that stink file: How cutting the cable makes it  very difficult to watch live sports on ESPN, or HBO shows.

Trying to watch Game of Thrones? Not going to happen by streaming. You'll say "doesn't that stink."

Good news: Some HBO shows are now coming to Amazon, but like with sports, the keyword is "some."

Bottom line:  Before you cut the cable, think hard about what you'll be losing....especially if you are a sports fan, or want first run episodes of HBO shows.    

That way you're not disappointed and you don't waste your money.


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