Nabisco Triscuits latest shrinking item

Don't Waste Your Money

We're all familiar with grocery products that are not the same size they used to be.

So many have downsized the past few years. The latest: Some very popular snack crackers.

Prices Up, Weight Down

Carol Stacey, like a lot of shoppers, has noticed her grocery bill going up, and the weight of her shopping cart going down.

She noticed the new boxes of Nabisco's Triscuit crackers appear to be the latest grocery product to be downsized.

"I'm not happy about it, but it's a sign of the times," she said.

Nabisco recently changed the size of several of its snack crackers, according to the website the Consumerist .

So we bought a box of the new Triscuits, and sure enough, there's a difference.

       -The old 9.5 ounce box is now just 9 ounces.
       -The reduced fat version, meantime, will really help your diet, because it's just 8 ounces.

But as Fran Frederick discovered, it's hard to notice because all the boxes are exactly the same size.

"The box looks the same, but apparently you're getting a smaller amount in here," she said.

But she says its happening everywhere.

"I've noticed it with breakfast cereal, cleaning products, and other things," Frederick said.

From toilet paper, to cheese, to salmon and soap, it's how companies are keeping prices down in the face of rising costs.

One way to get more for your dollar: Stock up on crackers when they are on sale. Most grocery stores have some brand of crackers marked down every week.

Grab a few boxes of your favorites then, so you don't waste your money.

To read the full report on the Consumerist, go to .

As always, don't waste your money.

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