iPhone 6 plans leaked: Bigger, thinner

Don't Waste Your Money

It's finally coming: a bigger, yet thinner iPhone.

Apple blogs lit up this week with renderings and sketches of what is believed to be the iPhone 6, based on drawings leaked from Chinese suppliers.

According to MacRumors.com , the iPhone 6, to be released this fall, will finally catch up with the "Phablet" trend, something Apple has been resisting the past 2 years.

While Samsung's popular Galaxy and other phones have grown in size, the iPhone has stayed true to its roots. But it is now looking smaller and smaller every year compared with the competition, and analysts say Apple has to jump in to the size wars.

The most noticeable change, if the renderings are to be believed, is that the phone is both wider (like the Galaxy), and thinner in depth.

Some sites claim there will be two versions:  one with a slightly larger 4.7 inch screen, and another that will be truly Phablet sized, coming in with a 5.5 inch screen. (Just a bit smaller than an iPad Mini)

Another change: the "sleep" or power button moves from the top to the side, to make it easier to turn off the phone with one hand.

Customer Interest near All Time High

Will customers want it?  A survey just released says yes, without a doubt.

According to a report on Cnet.com . ChangeWave Research polled Apple product owners and 40% said they are very interested in buying a larger iPhone when it comes out.

That's a sharp increase from the previous iPhone 5 and 5S, where a much smaller percentage of people said they were excited about the upcoming product.

The iPhone 6 is expected in September.

Till then, don't waste your money.


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