Facebook post with 'shocking video footage' of roller coaster at Universal Orlando contains malware

If a friend tells you they have some amazing pictures or video, you will probably want to see it.

And if it concerns a roller coaster accident, you may be very tempted to click on it.

But think before you click.

Viral Video Contains Malware

Security experts are warning about a Facebook post that's going viral, claiming to have "shocking video footage" of a roller coaster accident in Florida.

But stop right there: Don't you think this would have been on TV, radio, Google News and everywhere else if it were true?

There was no roller coaster accident.

This is a "click trick" to get you to download malware into your computer, according to the computer blog Softpedia.com.

Words to Watch For

Be suspicious of words like "shocking," "incredible" or "must see" -- even if it pops up on a friend's Facebook feed, and appears to be from them.

If you really feel the need to download some "amazing" footage, do a Google or YouTube search. If it is real, you will find that video clip elsewhere.

Your computer won't catch a virus from YouTube, because you don't download anything.

A simple search will reveal that this video doesn't exist and is a scam. 

That way you don't waste your money.


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