Comparing Target, Staples, Walmart, Sears, Kmart, more for lowest back-to-school prices

Don't Waste Your Money

Every parent has a favorite store for back-to-school shopping.

And some of us have favorite stores for different things, such as clothing, or electronics.

Shopping blogger Andrea Deckard of tells us she prefers:

-Target for fashion items

-Staples for paper and pens

-Walmart for basics like trash pails and disinfectant wipes.

But who really has the lowest prices?

Price Comparison

Bloomberg/Businessweek recently compared a shopping basket of 50 popular back-to-school supplies at the most popular stores.

It said Walmart has the lowest prices overall, and is "undercutting its rivals" in almost every category.

While Walmart may not have the most fashionable designs or the cleanest school aisles, Businessweek said Walmart's overall prices are about:

-10% lower than Target

-45% lower than Staples (excluding weekly penny deals)

-50% lower than Sears and Kmart

Businessweek also says that other stores "aren't even trying to fight Walmart's mighty pricing powers." It says they have decided to allow Walmart to sell school goods at rock bottom prices, instead focusing on service or selection.

For instance, if you need a certain trigonometry calculator, you are going to have to buy that at Staples. Walmart's basics are ... basic, the report says.

The survey did not include, which has low prices on thousands of school items, both popular and obscure. ( CLICK HERE for our report on great back-to-school sales on Amazon)

But if finding the lowest possible price possible at a local store is your goal, Bloomberg/Businessweek says Walmart is the clear winner in 2013.

As always, don't waste your money.


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