Apple (AAPL) iPhone fingerprint reader? New iPhone might have new security feature

With so many people putting so much personal information on their phones these days, it appears Apple is ready to take a major step forward to make iPhones more secure.

The 9to5 Mac blog reports that Apple plans to unveil a fingerprint log on system for either this fall's expected iPhone 5S, or next year's iPhone 6.

ABC News , meantime, cites other sources saying the phone will read a user's fingerprint, then change color, possibly to green to show it is a correct match, or red to show it is the wrong user.

Apple, as usual, is not commenting.

New Phone Rollout Schedule

The latest reports, like those from many other Apple experts,say the new iPhone 5S should arrive in September.

It also expects Apple to roll out a cheaper plastic iPhone , possibly called a 5C, that would be available in different colors.

That's based on reports from Chinese manufacturers.

The current iPhone is made from aluminum and glass, but analysts say Apple needs a cheaper phone, in the $300  range, to compete with low budget phones from Samsung and other manufacturers.    
A wider, larger iPhone is not expected until sometime next year, in the form of the iPhone 6.

As always, don't waste your money.

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