Does It Really Do That? Pet Hair Magnet and Pet Rider tested

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WESTLAKE - Tired of your pet leaving a mess behind? We tested two As Seen on TV products that will clean up pet hair and let your dog keep the mess out of the car and house. We wanted to know, "Does It Really Do That?"

First up, the Pet Rider . It's a cover for the back seat of your car.

Molly Hart would love to take her dog, Karma to the dog park, but she says his paw prints and hair leave a mess all over the car.

"It's a constant mission in life to find something that can help with the dog hair," Hart said.

Hart got leather seats in her car thinking that would cut down on the mess, but it hasn't.

She even bought a cloth to cover her seats, but that's sitting in the trunk.

"As you can see the hair sticks to it and this has been vacuumed," Hart said as she pointed to the dog hair on the back seat cover that sits in the trunk.

Hart says it also slides around on her back seat, not wanting to stay in one place. It's scared the dog so much he prefers the front seat to the back.

So we asked Hart to try the Pet Rider. It's a seat cover that wipes clean.

It wraps around the head rest and there's holes for the seat belt. Within five minutes, this $15 product was installed, and Hart was ready to take karma for a ride.

It took some coaxing to get Karma in the back seat. He quickly realized this was a different seat cover -- one that kept him and his mess in one spot.

"Nothing rolled off. The mud stuck to the fabric," Hart explained.

Pet Hair Magnet

Next up, the Pet Hair Magnet. It costs $9.99 and is advertised as the easy way to do a tough job. While you can use it on your car, we tried it inside on carpeting and the sofa.

The hair doesn't stick to the magnet. It just grabs it and creates a pile of pet hair.

"It works really good," Hart said.

So good, Hart recommends both the Pet Rider and Pet Hair Magnet.

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