Does It Really Do That? Perfect Meatloaf claims to make the perfect meatloaf

CLEVELAND - There's a new product out there that promises to make the perfect meatloaf. In fact, that's the name of it! But Does It Really Do That?

Donna Hurst likes 5-minute meals that last days, and meatloaf is a staple in her home during the winter. So we asked her to try the Perfect Meatloaf.

With shipping and handling, we got two meatloaf pans and a knife for less than $30. The pan has a special aerator pan that allows grease to drip through to the bottom and makes it easy to lift and serve the meatloaf.

"I'm curious to see if it's as juicy as it claims to be and if it's easy to serve," said Hurst.

We had Hurst make two identical meatloaves. One went in the glass loaf pan, and the other in the Perfect Meatloaf.

An hour later, you could see the grease in the glass pan. And while there was a little grease in the Perfect Meatloaf pan, as well, the meatloaf wasn't swimming in it.

Now, the real test: removing it.

"It's very convenient to lift out with the tray," said Hurst.

On the other meatloaf, it took two spatulas, and Hurst still lost a piece of it.

The traditional meatloaf is a little sloppy, but does it taste better? The Perfect Meatloaf cooked faster and it was firmer, but they both tasted great.

"I think if you needed a meatloaf pan it would be worth it," said Hurst.

While Hurst really liked the perfect meatloaf she almost made a big mistake. The aerator tray that sits in inside the pan makes it look like the Perfect Meatloaf has two handles. But if you grab the handles to take the pan out of the oven, the meatloaf could fall out.

For more information about Perfect Meatloaf, visit its website:

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Does it really do that?