Does It Really Do That? One Second Needle put to the test

CLEVELAND - Do you have trouble threading a needle? A $7 product may be able to take your trouble away. We put it to the test to answer the question, "Does it Really Do That?"

One second to thread a needle would be nice. The Cochran girls are their mom's secret weapon, but they learned from a good teacher.

"Sometimes she takes her finger and makes it wet and then puts it on it so it makes it skinnier and then she puts it through, but it's hard," Katie Cochran said.

So, we put the One Second Needle to the test.

It's supposed to be as easy as 1, 2, 3 and loop, pull, thread.

It worked. Within seconds, the needle was threaded. Then, we tried it with a blindfold as promised on the box.

We created a lot of tension with the thread to make it easy to slide the needle in. It took a few misses, but finally we figured it out. It's not as easy as the guy made it look blindfolded, but we did it.

Mission accomplished. Even blindfolded, the product really does do that.

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