Does It Really Do That? Mister Steamy put to the test

CLEVELAND - Is it really possible to get wrinkle-free clothes with a dryer ball? We put Mister Steamy to the test, a product that promises to save you time and money.

There are many dryer balls on the market that promise to make laundry easier. Mister Steamy even claims to leave your clothes wrinkle-free, thanks to the power of steam. Does it really do that? We asked Heather Kinas-Atkins to put Mister Steamy to the test.

"After I get done being in school 8-10 hours a day, the last thing I want to do is iron," Kinas-Atkins said.

You start by filling up the ball with four ounces of water. A sponge inside soaks it all up.

To measure if this product really works, we bought two identical cotton t-shirts. We threw one in a dryer with Mister Steamy; the other shirt we tossed into the dryer with nothing. We set the heat to high, just as the directions said, and let the shirts spin.

We watched, but didn't see any steam pouring out of the sides of Mister Steamy like you see on the box. But we did see water splashing out. After a few minutes, we held the shirts up side by side and noticed they didn't look a whole lot different.

"It's still pretty wrinkly," Kinas-Atkins said holding up the shirt dried with Mister Steamy.

While the wrinkles were supposed to be the focus, something else caught our attention: the Mister Steamy shirt shrank -- a lot.

"Shrinkage to me is a big thing. I'm a big girl," Kinas-Atkins said.

"Would you buy the product?" we asked.

"Based on this test, not even with a coupon," Kinas-Atkins said.
Kinas-Atkins said Mister Steamy makes a better toy for a dog than a lifesaver for wrinkled clothing.

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