Does it really do that? Kinetic Go Green food storage containers and Salad Blaster put to the test

Does it really do that?

CLEVELAND - Say goodbye to moldy strawberries and rotten fruit. There's a product that claims to keep your food lasting three times longer. But it does it really do that?

We tested two kitchen containers. One that claims to keep your fruit fresher longer and one that makes it easy for salad on the go.

We had mother of two, Beth Hatchett test both products. She's tested products online for the blog, Akron Ohio Moms , but this is her first TV test.

"Rather than being stuck in a lab somewhere, we're moms at home testing these products with our family," Hatchett explained.

So will the Salad Blaster live up to the family's toughest critic, a fourth grader? We're ready to put it to the test.

Salad Blaster put to the test
First some slicing and some dicing.

It doesn't take many fixings to fill the Salad Blaster, but it takes a lot of dressing so watch your pour.

Once we had everything inside, we gave it a shake and a pop. When you pop the top, the dressing drips down into the container. We didn't add a ton of salad dressing and definitely didn't fill the reservoir full, yet our salad was still drenched in dressing.

It's hard to measure the right amount of dressing.

Overall, Hatchett said the Salad Blaster is "OK."

"I myself don't see much of a difference with this and Tupperware," Hatchett said.

It's a different story for kids. Hatchett's daughter thought the Salad Blaster was fun. It took a few tries for her to push the top and fully pop the dressing out of the container, but it got her to eat the salad.

We found the Salad Blaster at Giant Eagle for $3.99.

Kinetic Go Green Premium Food Storage Containers put to the test
Our second test features Kinetic Go Green Premium Food Storage Containers. We found a set of seven at Marshalls for $19.99. The product promises to keep the mold away longer using silver technology.

"We love fruits and veggies in our family but sometimes you just don't have time to get through them all," Hatchett said.

We added strawberries, grapes, blackberries, broccoli, and blueberries to the containers. Hatchett liked how easy they were to click and seal.

We kept some fruit in its original packaging to see if the container really makes a difference. We checked back 7 days later.

"Strawberries, I think we definitely got a few extra days," Hatchett explained.

Hatchett said the strawberries in in the original container were moldy in five days. On day seven, we didn't see any signs of mold on the Kinetic strawberries although they were starting to get mushy.

Hatchett thought the blueberries and grapes looked the best. So, we let them sit even longer. Three weeks later, the grapes were still in great shape and so were the blueberries in the Kinetic containers. The blueberries in the original packaging were beginning to shrivel.

There weren't many instructions for the product, so we tested dry and wet fruit to see if that makes a difference. We didn't notice any difference, so you can wash ahead or when you're ready to eat.

So does it really do that? Hatchett thinks so.

Silver may be the secret that saves your food.

If you have a product you'd like to help us test, let Jenn know. Follow Jenn on Facebook: Jenn Strathman - WEWS or Twitter: @JennStrathman

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Does it really do that?