Does It Really Do That? Gyro Bowl put to the test

Product claims to keep food in bowl, not on floor

CLEVELAND - Tired of picking up the mess your kids leave behind? The Gyro Bowl claims it prevents food spills and is 100 percent childproof. So, Does It Really Do That? We bought the Gyro Bowl at Bed Bath & Beyond for $12.99, but it is sold at other local stores.

With a little one always on the run, Summer Van Valkenburg can't keep up with all the messes left behind.

"I'm interested in this because when you tip it, the treats and snacks don't fall out. We have a dog and the dog follows her around and wants everything she has and obviously she is a wiggle worm," Van Valkenburg said, as her daughter squirmed out of her arms.

"The magic is in the middle of the Gyro Bowl. It works just like a globe. The Gyro Bowl rotates 360-degrees, and the open side stays up no matter what," the commercial states. The ad even promises the bowl is 100 percent childproof. It didn't take long for Van Valkenburg's daughter to put the bowl to the test.

A few snacks dropped to the floor from the Gyro Bowl, but Van Valkenburg said losing a few snacks is better than an entire bowl.

After testing the Gyro Bowl for a few weeks, Van Valkenburg's daughter found another problem. When you hold the bowl still, you can still get the food to tip over.

Even though it wasn't 100 percent kid-proof, Van Valkenburg thinks it's something she would buy.

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Does it really do that?