Do PajamaJeans really do that? Moms put them to the test

They look like jeans with the comfort of PJs

Busy moms aren't bashful that sometimes they go to the grocery store in their pajamas. PajamaJeans look like jeans, but they give you the comfort of PJs. PajamaJeans are advertised as a hot new fashion sensation, but do they really do that?

"I have seen them on TV. I think they are fantastic," Summer Van Valkenburg said who juggles motherhood and college. She thought PajamaJeans would be a good alternative to wearing her real PJs to the store.

"I'd be halfway decent so women won't look at me like oh my gosh," she said. "The secret is a special cotton denim blend that stretches to fit each figure perfectly," the commercial states.

VanValkenburg belongs to the mom's group, Mothers & More , with Marie Carroll and we as asked both busy moms to try on the jeans.

Does it really do that?

After a quick wardrobe swap, these two different sized women came out smiling.

"They actually feel really good," Van Valkenburg said. PajamaJeans are not sized like regular jeans. Instead of size six or eight, it's small, medium or large. That didn't matter for our models, even though Carroll is 5'9''.

"To pull it off the shelf and have it be long enough for me, that's cool," Carroll said.

The women liked the length and the fit around the waist. But, getting them over their waist took some tugging.

"The elastic around the waist here is a little bit tight. It's not as stretchy as the pants itself so when you are sliding it up, if you still have large hips like I do, it's still a little hard to get them over," Van Valkenburg said.

"I had the same problem getting them up, too," Carroll said. She wore her pair around for a week to see if PajamaJeans fit her lifestyle. She wore them to the mall and even a party.

"I said to my girlfriend, 'Look! Do you like my PajamaJeans?' She was feeling them and couldn't tell. She thought they were regular jeans," Carroll said.

If you're looking for something that feels like you're in your pajamas all day, these jeans might just be for you.

PajamaJeans only comes in one color and cost around $40. They're sold in stores like Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond .

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Does it really do that?