Dispute off the field keeps Boca brothers from playing soccer on the field

BOCA RATON - Travel teams may get your kids more experience, but they also have very strict rules.

A Boca Raton family says a dispute off the field is keeping their kids from taking the field.

The Ackerman boys hoped to take the field for Boca United this fall, but after signing up for the soccer club online, a family health emergency forced the kids to the sidelines.

"Did we want the kids to have to leave a place they've been for 4 years? No. But this was what was best for our family," said mom Ivy Ackerman. 

The family worried that they wouldn't have the time or money needed for a travel soccer club.

So they quit the club before the season began. The boys never attended a practice, yet they were told to pay up.

"The amounts kept changing. We were at $3,800 when we started. Then it went down to $2,000. Now we supposedly owe them $910," said Craig Ackerman. 

Without payment, the boys are still tied to Boca United, needing to be released to be able to play soccer somewhere else.

"They're holding us captive," said Craig.

We asked the club for receipts proving the amount of money the family owed.

Boca United didn't want to comment for our story, but after we started asking questions, the Ackerman's came to an agreement. The boys are back on the soccer field playing for a team that better fits their financial and time schedule.

When you sign your child up for a travel or club team, make sure you ask about any fees or penalties to get them off the team because you never know when a family emergency might pop up that will make it hard for you or your child to fulfill their commitment.

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