Dirty Dining: 'Le Bon Gout' cited for dead insects, 'Saquella Cafe' for live flies

No restaurants were shut down in the latest round of state health inspections. Out of the 145 restaurants on the list, none of them had to throw out food, and only two had signs of roaches and/or insects.

At "Saquella Cafe" in Boca Raton, inspectors found live flies and dead roaches in the kitchen. The restaurant's owner says a pest control company was there just days before the inspection, and that they "did their job" because the roaches were dead. He also says he is working on a solution to get rid of the flies.

At "Le Bon Gout Restaurant" in Boynton Beach, several dead insects were found in pest control devices. The restaurant also had 21 violations, the second highest number this week.

The dining area at "Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club" had the most violations with 27, although most of them were basic. The club's general manager Rob Tench gave us this statement: "We take these inspections very seriously and address all items noted immediately. All items on the report have been corrected and procedures have been modified to ensure that there will be no recurrences."

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