Delta customers upset over pricing error; some tickets only reserved and never purchased

Delta says some itineraries reserved not purchased

WEST PALM BEACH - A bargain airfare or a bust? Delta Airlines admits low prices were mistakenly offered to some travelers Thursday and agreed to honor all fares purchased at that price. Two travelers told the Consumer Watchdog their trips were still canceled, and they want to know why.

It seemed like a great sale. Airline tickets for less than $100 in some cases. Some travelers grabbed the deal directly on Delta, and others bought it through third party sites like Orbitz.

Two customers who used a third party booker got an email confirming their reservation, but later learned that great deal was canceled.

At issue -- when is your airline ticket actually purchased?

Many travelers assume their flight is booked when they get an email with their itinerary, a confirmation code, and price for travel.  If you read the fine print on some of these emails, especially with some third party booking sites, ticketing can take up to 24 hours.

Ticketing never happened for some Delta customers, and travelers are fed up with the different excuses.
FlightNetwork, a Canadian booking company, told one customer in an email the cheap fare was not valid and the airline auto canceled her reservation.

The booker told the Consumer Watchdog that its filters noticed the pricing was abnormally low, and FlightNetwork contacted Delta. That's when they learned about the error and tickets were never issued.

FlightNetwork said 56 of its customers were impacted, and it's fighting on behalf of its customers. However, Delta is only honoring purchased tickets.

It clearly says on FlightNetwork emails, "Your seats are currently on hold but not yet ticketed until confirmed by the airline. An email will be sent once the flights are confirmed within 24 hours. If your credit card is declined, your booking will automatically be canceled."

Orbitz told another customer in an email that it couldn't confirm the flight requested due to limited availability.

Orbitz told the customer the confirmation email received hours earlier was only an acknowledgement the flight selected was sent to the airline for approval and ticketing never happened.

Delta has not commented specifically on the two customers who contacted the Consumer Watchdog.

The airline only said it will honor all fares purchased at the low price. In both cases, the ticket was never purchased. It was pending.

The Department of Transportation regulates the airline industry, and allows consumers to comment on their service experience.

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