Delray Beach restaurant, The Porch, upset state shut them down for dish washer on back porch

Restaurant says state approved dishwasher on porch

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Rats and roaches usually shut down a restaurant, but this week a restaurant got called out for something completely different.

The Porch restaurant in Delray Beach has been washing dishes on the back porch since they opened a few months ago. Now, the state is telling them it’s not allowed.

“When we opened with the permits they never mentioned anything to us to bring the dishwasher machine inside. They never mentioned to us. So it was like we don't know,” explained Willie who is the chef.

He said they don’t wash dishes outside any more.

A complaint brought state inspectors to the restaurant.

The owners moved the dishwasher inside and The Porch was allowed to reopen, but we spotted some odd things still happening on the back porch of The Porch.

The workers hang out there.

We even spotted the chef playing with a weed wacker.

As we got closer, we saw a suspicious tub of water just feet away and went to ask about it.

“Why do I see silverware here?” asked Consumer Watchdog Jenn Strathman.

What we do is sanitize it right now. We keep it. Drop it here, and put it in the machine,” explained Willie.

“So you are still keeping stuff out here?” we asked.

“No,” Willie explained. “We don’t keep anything out here.”

The restaurant said this is all a big misunderstanding, and is threatening to take action against the state saying they should not have been shut down for something the state approved just months ago.

The owner said in an email, "....the only reason they close us is because is the outside covered dish washing area. The health inspector came with her supervisor for the pre opening inspection. They gave us a 30 days temporary license and after 2 weeks we received the permanent one. At the moment of the inspection we asked her if it was ok to have the dishwasher there, because the 3 compartment sink was there for over 5 years and when we took over last year, she wasn't sure. But as we received the permanent one we figured everything was approved, including the dishwasher and the sink. We actually have legal ground to sue the state because we were approved and that was the only reason the closed the restaurant."

The restaurant says this wasn't their mistake, but a state mistake.

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