Dee Dee's Conch and Rib Shack & The Fisherman's Grille closed temporarily in Delray

Stop sale: food thrown out at several restaurants

WEST PALM BEACH - "You get BBQ, ribs, chicken, pork chops, fish, conch fritters all kind of food," said Dee Dee's Conch Rib & Crab Shack customer Lena Potts.

A state inspector found all that food attracted critters at Dee Dee's Conch Rib & Crab Shack, 540 W Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. According to the state inspection report, 12 fresh rodent droppings were found, and 8 dry forcing the doors closed.

Management never gave an explanation. Click here to read the recent inspections .

At The Fisherman's Grille, 5199 W Atlantic Aveneu in Delray Beach, the facility was also temporarily closed.

The state report shows 78 fresh rodent droppings. Most were under the stove in the prep kitchen...

The owner told us the rodents were left over from a previous owner and he took care of the problem. He wouldn't elaborate when asked.

Click here to read the recent inspections .

Temperature issues with food
Several other kitchens kept their doors open, but had to throw away food.

"They are operating by the seat of their pants. Consequently when the inspector comes on any given day they are not ready, and they get a lot of violations," said Fred Stein of Safe Food Connection .

Stein works with restaurants to make sure food safety is a top priority every day.

"A lot of people get sick from eating food in restaurants and they don't realize it," Stein explained.

State inspectors use thermometers to check food throughout the kitchen, and often find problems.

"If the food is out of temperature above 41 degrees for more than 2 hours, it's dangerous," Stein said.

Sometimes the restaurant is allowed to fix the food temperature issue on the spot, and other times they have to throw the food out if it's considered potentially hazardous.

Boca Bagelworks
Boca Bagelworks at 8177 W Glades Road (Bays 1 & 2) in Boca Raton had several temperature issues. The restaurant required workers to throw away six pounds of turkey from a back walk in cooler because the temperature was potentially hazardous.

A worker said they fixed the problem, and got new coolers.

Carmela's Brick Oven Pizza
At Carmela's Brick Oven Pizza, 2311 E Ocean Blvd in Stuart, stop sales were issued for temperature issues with cooked mushrosm, cooked onions, cooked eggplant, cut tomato, fresh mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and cooked chicken.

Management said the refrigerator in question was replaced, and the issue is fixed.

Amigos Mexican and Spanish Restaurant
Amigos Mexican and Spanish Restaurant, 1771 S Congress Avenue in West Palm Beach, was required to stop selling black beans, pinto beans, chicken sauce, rice, chili relent, whole chicken, ground beef, ground pork that was cooked from the previous day. The inspector said the food was potentially hazardous due to temperature abuse.

Our calls for comment were not returned.

Flakowitz Bagel Inn
The temperature issues continued at Flakowitz Bagel Inn where 3 of the 6 high priority violations involved temperature issues. The restaurant had 22 violations during a recent inspection, tying it for the most issues for the week of September 16.

Golden Corral
Golden Corral, 389 Winchester Park Blvd in Boynton Beach, had temperatures and dead roaches. The inspector found two dead in the hallway near the back door. The restaurant manager said he had pest control there the night before and that's why they roaches were dead.

The manager sent us a statement explaining the 24 violations, including 7 that were a high priority.

"First of all, I would like to state the commitment of this restaurant and the Golden Corral Company to food safety. We take food safety very seriously, and do regularly internally audit our practices in order to deliver a fresh and monitored product.

I would like to stress that on the day in question, it was almost 2 hours prior to us opening the restaurant doors. An inspector had let himself in the back door; which was open due to an employee opening the door ready to start cleaning outside. When he came inside the door there were 2 dead roaches at the doorway. Unfortunately, in South Florida there are cockroaches out there, and as was noted in the report you read, a reputable bonded company that treats the entire restaurant through the night does a bi-monthly treatment.

There was as we discussed products on a speed cart that temp was high. This is a cart that the employees put the food left over at night on and place in the fridge so I can assess the waste from the previous evening. This cart was left out for a while raising the temperature, but it was not for consumption but the garbage. Due to the fact that the employees had just commenced working, it had not yet been discarded. This food would have been potentially hazardous had it been for consumption, but it was out for my inspection. Can I reiterate that it was well before the restaurant was open!

There were ribs that I cooked on my arrival earlier in the morning and were removed from the steamer when the first employee commenced his shift. They had been

out of the steamer for about 20 minutes, but not as yet placed on separate pans in the cooler, and yes they were 97F, but remember that they were 190F 20 mins earlier. Food becomes potentially hazardous when not cooled to 40F within a 4 hour period, and while the employee should have perhaps had them on another pan quicker, there was no risk whatsoever at that time.

The flies you asked me about refer to some fruit flies that were around potatoes stored at room temperature. These potatoes would obviously be washed and peeled prior to use, but on the day of the inspection there were some around. This is something that I have been working on with our pest control expert, and have had meetings with him a couple times recently to better understand how to eradicate them. It is unfortunate that there were some there, but we are hopeful the program we put in place last month will eradicate them completely."

One Stop Jamaican Restaurant
One Stop Jamaican Restaurant, 1736 45 Street in West Palm Beach, had to stop selling seafood that was recreationally caught. Management said it didn't realize that fish couldn't be sold, and got rid of it. The Kingfish was a new menu item.

That's an unapproved source. A worker said the restaurant didn't realize you couldn't sell it and fixed the issue.

Rodents and roaches
Saporissimo Ristorante, 366 E Palmetto Park Road, was also recently told to stop selling food due to temperature abuse. The inspector also found rodent activity, the majority of the droppings were dry. Rodent rub marks were also found along the walls/ceilings and across the door in the kitchen.

Marco told me it was a bunch of little stuff when I called about the 22 violations including 6 high priority issues. That many issues tied the restaurant for the most issues during the week of September 16.

Marco said the restaurant was closed for two weeks, and they did not know they had a rodent problem. The management said that is not normal for the fine dining restaurant, and a nearby sewage blockage unrelated to the restaurant was blamed for the unwanted guests.

During a recent inspection, rodent activity was also found at Casimir Bistro, 416 Via De Palmas #81 in Boca Raton.  The  restaurant received a warning for the droppings.

At Taste of Italy at Palm Beach Corp, 1709 Belveder Road in West Palm Beach, four dead roaches were found on the kitchen floor. The issue was corrected on site. Click here to see their recent reports .

Top violators for reports released week of September 23
The three restaurants with the most violations this week include The Cuban Cafe, Hiliary & Sons Royal Deli, and Johnny Longboats.

The Cuban Cafe, 3350 NW 2 Ave in Boca Raton, had 29 violations including 5 high priority. The management said whatever they were told to fix, they corrected. Click here to see their recent inspections. Click here to see their recent inspections .

Hiliary & Sons Royal Deli, 630-2 Royal Palm Beach Blvd in Royal Palm Beach, had 27 violations, including 7 high priority violations. The restaurant had temperature issues, but did not have to stop selling the product. Click here to see their recent inspections .

"High priority violations are violations that can make people sick. One violations is too many," Stein said.

Johnny Longboats, 2401 Ocean Drive on Singer Island, had 25 violations including 5 high priority. Live flies were found in the kitchen near the meat slicker. When an inspector found temperature issues the manager removed the items and quick chilled them in the freezer. Click here to see their recent inspections .

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