Cyber Monday 2012 deals, ads: Forget Black Friday 2012 deals, here's how to score big online

We all want those Black Friday deals, but how do you really know they are deals?

Retailers will do just about anything to get you to spend money at their stores. In this case knowledge is power.

Utilize technology to help you find the best price and to decide if it truly is a deal. Just because it is a sale doesn't mean it is a deal. You must do your own research to make sure you are getting the best price.

First check out what's on sale for Black Friday. Soon those ads will be arriving but try checking out those leaked Black Friday ad sites. Not only do they have the ads but they are a great resource.

Here's an example on if you go to the adscan on the right hand corner of the site, then pull up the store you want. This will help you in your research.

For example, in Target's ad, they have a Nook Simple Touch E-reader GB WiFi for just $49. If you mouse over this door buster deal and you will notice a pop up that says you can find the Nook at Amazon for $86 on .

Also notice they have already done some of the price comparing work for you, but is that the best deal? To find by using a price comparison site like P or try Google and go under shopper on the web or download the app at

The lowest price I found was on for $74, but this one is not brand new it is refurbished. So not the same thing, the best price on a new one is at for $86. So was right in there price comparison. At least now you have a range of price for this product.

Most likely you won't get this deal of $49 because of the limited quantities, and no rain checks due to the fact that this is a Black Friday door buster deal. Here is the cool part should another sale or deal come up on this Nook you now know what is a good price.

Don't forget Cyber Monday is this Monday, so let me share some more tools to help you get the best deals online and in stores. Find out what the price history is of the item you want to buy. A great site for finding this is . That nook the best price was $83 after looking at the history of pricing for this Nook.

Some online tools to score deals are coupon code sites like or . If you want to find free shipping deals check out .

Make sure to always research before you spend money on anything that is regardless of season or Holiday just do it always. Be safe and have some fun too.

Here are some great Price Checking sites and also go to your smartphone apps to find an app version of it:

Pricechecker  from


Must have shopping app:


For a price history checking site, a good one is  also known as

Don't forget coupon codes:  or  are a must for online shopping to help you find coupon codes. Don't buy anything online without checking these sites.

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