Customer pays extra money to make sure her family's cell phones are not turned off

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Mary Linacre cut the cord on her landline to save money.

So, she felt disconnected from her children when their three cell phones suddenly stopped working.

"I can't even call to make sure they are home from school.  My phone got turned off and I called T-Mobile asking them why," Linacre said.   

T-Mobile is blaming a billing issue.

Linacre paid her September bill at a third party retailer, but it was never properly credited to her account despite paying an extra five dollars to get the payment processed immediately.

Linacre said she faxed her receipts to T-Mobile, and her phone was turned back on, but only temporarily.

"About two weeks later they turned it back off and this was like ongoing, ongoing, ongoing," said Linacre. 

The latest disconnection lasted more than two weeks.

"It's awful. It's awful. I have to go over to a neighbor's to use their phone.  If someone wanted to get a hold of me all they are getting is that I am not taking incoming calls," said Linacre.

Fed up, Linacre made a call to the Consumer Watchdog.

"My hands were tied. I can't afford a lawyer. I didn't know what to do so I thought you could help me," said Linacre.

After our call to T-Mobile, the cell phone company immediately credited Linacre's account for the missing $233 payment, but says it's not sure why this mix-up happened.

The 3 phones on Linacre's plan are active once again, allowing her to stay in touch with the ones she loves.

"I can communicate with my kids," said Linacre. 

When you pay a bill at a third party biller, make sure you get a receipt proving your payment.  Just in case your payment gets lost in cyber space.






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