Consumer Watchdog investigation: Why homeowners are still finding costly Chinese drywall

Lack of regulation may be partly to blame

WEST PALM BEACH - Five years after Chinese drywall was first found in South Florida, the defective drywall is still lurking behind walls surprising homeowners.

With specialized tools, Howard Ehrsam of Chinese Drywall Screening , goes on treasure hunts tracking down Chinese drywall.

"It won't go away," Ehrsam said. "I've seen more bad remediation than good."

While the public outcry was loud when Chinese drywall was first found, experts say there wasn't enough regulation that came of all the claims.

There isn't a database to search a property's history with the defective drywall. We asked attorney Scott Weires, partner with Murdoch, Weires, and Neuman, if a database would have helped homeowners pinpoint the problem.

"Hindsight is 20/20. That absolutely would have been the best way to do it," Weires explained.

Tonight on NewsChannel 5 at 11, the Consumer Watchdog investigates why some homes were never fixed leaving the the costly problem for unsuspecting homeowners.

Plus, the steps you should take to make sure this defective product isn't in your home.

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