Clematis Street restaurant has most violations for the week in area from state inspectors

New inspector reason for more violations?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Nearly 300 restaurants in our area were recently inspected by the state, and a Clematis Street restaurant topped that list for most violations. Longboards had 47 violations, twelve of which were a high priority. They also had a stop sale for meat, cheese, and rice that was too warm.

Management of the restaurant told the Consumer Watchdog that it was an inside cooler that has since been removed from the kitchen and placed in the back as trash.

Inspectors also found flies in the kitchen and insects in the bar. Management said it fixed the majority of the problems, and was surprised by the inspection because three months ago inspectors only found seven issues.

Longboards said they believe a new inspector may be the reason for all the violations. The restaurant has asked for an immediate re-inspection. Longboards did stay open while it fixed the problems because they were not an immediate threat to the public.

Longboards sent this statement:

At Longboards we completely apologize to the public for any confusion about the cleanliness and quality of our establishment or food. All of these issues have been fixed long before our next scheduled inspection. We are replacing the cooler that gave us the bad temperature leading to have some stop sell items, in the meantime that cooler is out of use. We replaced the can opener. We retrained every staff member on proper food storage, as well as proper chemical storage, and have truly fixed every other problem. We had a team meeting on how we can fix these issues from coming up again in the future. We assure you that these issues will never happen again.

Other restaurants in our area were issued stop sales on food due to potentially hazardous time/temperature issues. We placed calls to each of these restaurants to give them an opportunity to respond. Those restaurants are as follows:

D’Angelo Trattoria Pizzeria (9 SE 7 Ave., Delray Beach)

Management told us one of their fridges was not working properly and it was just a few degrees too warm. They got a new fridge and are confident the problem has been resolved.

Deli on Rye (4311 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton)

We placed a call to the restaurant and were told someone would call us back, but never heard back.

Granger’s (215 NE 6 Ave., Delray Beach)

We called the restaurant, but never heard back from anyone.

Orchid Island Pool Grill (1 Beachside Drive, Town of Orchid)

Orchid Island released this statement:

On March 24th we had a health inspection and the inspector noted that our reach-in cooler, that contains primarily bottled beer, was a couple of degrees high and it needed to be corrected (which was done that day).  In the cooler was a gallon of milk, which was discarded, and that item was noted as the Stop Sale.  The report you are referring to on the 25th notes that all four items identified on the 24th were “Complied”.  

Rob Tench
General Manager/C.O.O., Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club

Our Place (2901 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton)

We placed a call to the restaurant for comment, but never heard back.

Pasta Fever Boca Raton Inc. (4251 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton)

Management told us they called the company that services their fridges and they came and fixed the temperature issues. The inspector came back and everything was fine.

Heatons Reef Bar and Grill (3500 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach)

We placed a call to the restaurant, but never heard back from anyone.


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