Boynton Beach driver can't get car repaired from flooding in January because parts on back order

Rental car coverage should be considered

BOYNTON BEACH. Fla. - Hundreds of cars parked at Quantum Lakes had to be towed away after heavy rains filled the cars with water in January.

"The water level was up to the engine," said Jennifer Whitley.

Whitley's new Ford Focus wouldn't start, but that was just the start of Whitley's problems.

"It's a waiting game. It's frustrating," said Whitley.

The repairs have been stalled for two months, and Whitley didn't get a rental car because she had to pay for some of the cost out of pocket.

"What frustrates me the most is I still have to pay my car payment. I'm still liable to hold up my end of the bargain. Yet they're just sitting on my car not really doing anything," said Whitley.

Whitley's car needs a new air bag control module. Mechanics say it's on back order, and won't be available until the end of April.

"Where are these parts being manufactured? On the moon?" questioned Whitley.

Ford won't say why this part is in such short supply, but within 24 hours of our calls to the manufacturer the Ford dealer found that scarce part and fixed Whitley's car.

"I probably wouldn't have bought this car if I would have known that they would have had such a problem with back orders," said Whitley.

These unexpected floods and the subsequent unexpected delay should be a wakeup call to all drivers to check your insurance policy. Rental car coverage is optional. It's fairly cheap compared to your premium, and should be considered. It can be a real lifesaver if the unexpected happens to your car.

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