Bank fees nestled in the fine print could cost you

Top 5 pesky bank fees that may be unnoticed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The devil is in the details.

Banks big and small can slide in unexpected fees in fine print that might hit you in your wallet.

With our economy recovering, like any business, banks are looking for ways to make money.

"The question becomes and here's the gray line, is what point is enough, enough when it comes to money?" said Newschannel 5 financial expert and attorney Shari Olefson.

With the help of Olefson, we created a list of the top 5 fees to look out for that can sometimes fly under the radar.

#1 Overdraft fees

Even if your overdraft protection is linked to a savings account and you have available funds to cover, some banks will still hit you with a charge.

Some banks could charge you a daily fee when your account is in a negative balance.

#2 Paying for a paper statement

Maybe you're the type that likes to see and hold a paper statement each month and not use online banking. You might be charged for that. Typically the charge is one to two dollars a month.

#3 Checking your balance at an ATM that's not your bank

You're in a jam and you have to get money out of an ATM from which you’re not a member. The first question many ATM’S ask is "would you like to check your balance?". When you check your balance, some banks charge a small fee for that transaction and will also charge you again when you actually withdraw money.

#4 Visiting a human teller too many times

This is another added fee from some banks.

Olefson said, "if you're using electronic online banking, the bank is saving money versus you using a teller."

#5 Not using direct deposit

You're the type that likes to have your payday check in your hand and cash it when you want rather than using direct deposit. That could cost you at some banks.

"They're doing what any business owner would do and they're looking for other revenue sources and that's why now in particular is the time consumers to have their eyes wide open," said Olefson.

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