Back to school clothing shopping for less than $10

STOW, Ohio - It's time to restock your kid's closets for the new school year. But shopping for a new back to school wardrobe doesn't have to break your bank. How about a three piece name-brand outfit for just $10? The secret is resale shopping.

Resale shops like, Once Upon a Child , are popping up all over the country. As a money-saving blogger for Akron Ohio Moms , Beth Hatchett is hooked on getting more for her money. She said resale and consignment stores aren't what they used to be.

"It's a great way to trim the family budget and still give your kids the brands that they want. It's a win, win," Hatchett said.

"These stores nowadays keep very current. They have the top brands that kids and adults want and it's at a fraction of the cost," Hatchett said.

Girls were drawn to Justice, Old Navy and Gymboree while boys seemed to like Nike, Converse and Gap.

"That's why I come here. He grows out of things so fast. It's hard to afford clothes," shopper Krystal Mosholder said.

Savvy consumers said resale items are priced at about one-third of the cost of regular retail stores, and sometimes less.

"The pink outfit was $9.50. It came with 3 pieces. A Gymboree outfit: sweater, polo shirt and skirt. My guess, regular retail would be $60 for the set," said Hatchett.

Not only can you save money at a resale or consignment shop, you can actually make money by selling your gently-used clothing. Some stores pay you on the spot.

To find the best deals, check your local stores often because inventory is always changing. Akron Ohio Moms did the homework for you and found a list of stores in our area that cater to children.

Second, get on your favorite store's email list to access sales and coupons. Finally, make sure you understand the store's sale and return policies because they vary by store.

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