Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint technology: Biometrics are the future but some are apprehensive

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Security is one of the leading features in Apple's latest model iPhone, the 5S. Security experts say fingerprint technology is needed to protect the data on our phones, but getting users away from a PIN or password is a tough sell.

Smartphone users are already swiping pictures or typing a PIN to unlock their phone. With the new iPhone 5S you'll just swipe your finger to unlock your phone and make purchases on iTunes.

"I think it's kind of alarming," said Amanda Jackson. "That's your one identity on your thumb. So for someone to be like put your thumb on your phone I don't know how I feel about that. I might stay with my 5 for a while."

"If someone hacks into your phone somehow, someway, do they have your fingerprint?" Abby Frederickson asked.

Apple executives say your fingerprint will only be stored on the phone's chip. It won't be on Apple's servers or the iCloud.

To decrypt your imprint, you'll need Touch ID software.

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There are still security questions, but technology guru Alan Crowetz of Infostream said biometrics are the future.

"People can knock Apple in some area, but they really are ahead engineering wise. It's very common for them to have technology where they're just suddenly a leap ahead of everybody else," Crowetz explained.

Fingerprint sensors are already on some Dell laptops, and some Android phones offer facial recognition software to unlock your device.

A PIN verification is used as backup if the facial recognition fails. Crowetz said a backup is a good idea with biometric technology, because it fails. If you wear sunglasses, your face may not be recognized. If your hand is sweaty or you swipe too fast, the sensors may not pick up your fingerprint.

If Apple's is just as shaky as all the other products we've seen I don't think it's ready for prime time yet. If it comes out and hits it out of the park, you can bet there are going to be a lot of companies anxious to catch up," Crowetz explained.

The iPhone 5S will be available September 20th.


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