Angel Soft toilet paper downsizing: New four-pack contains 132 sheets, or 58 square feet

A couple of years ago, we heard a lot about products shrinking at the grocery store, as manufacturers tried to cut costs without raising prices.

But if you thought products are now about as small as they possibly could, think again: they are now shrinking even more.

"Not enough to do much with!"

Two years after a big downsizing, the top-selling bargain toilet tissue, Angel Soft, is downsizing again for 2012.

This fall, Angel soft toilet paper has new label. But look closely, and you'll notice that under that new label is a smaller size.

Shopper Tracy Svenson looked at it and said, "yes, its a lot smaller."

Another shopper, Dawn Cottle, said she also noticed differences.

"It looks like there's not as much in it. That's why it's softer, because it's a lot flimsier," Cottle said.

If you thought Angel Soft rolls ran out quickly after their 2010 downsizing, these new rolls will run out even faster.

Dorothy Brown put it succinctly when she said "the last time I went and got toilet paper, I was like: this is not enough to do much with!"

Needless to say, we did not ask her for any more details.

Less for your buck

Angel Soft is a best seller because it is the only major brand still close to a buck for a four-pack.

        -The old four-pack contained 150 sheets per roll, or 66 square feet.

        -But the new four-pack contains 132 sheets, or 58 square feet, more than 10 percent less.

Of course, it's the same price, about $1.25 in most stores, often marked down to $1.

Not just TP, of course

Other products continue to slim down as well, from coffee to spaghetti sauce and cereal.

Another recent slimming: Nabisco's four-ounce cups of Mini Chips Ahoy were a great deal for a dollar. But some stores are now selling a smaller version -- 3.5 ounces -- for the same one dollar price.

Manufactures says consumers don't like the other option: Higher prices.

Georgia Pacific, manufacturer of Angel Soft, has stated that it's shoppers do not want to see price hikes, and prefer Angel Soft keeping its lower price point.

So for now they will continue to shrink products until they get so small that shoppers look for something else.


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