3D printers aid shopping for engagement rings

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla - The technology of 3D printers has been used for jewelry, rocket parts and prosthetic arms.  Now, it is making for a better online shopping experience in the market of engagement rings.

Shai Barel is with Brilliance.com .  The company added a new option three months ago, because it realized the process of shopping online can be difficult when shopping for engagement rings.

"We know people love going into stores, trying things on," he said.

The company is allowing customers to build rings online, then have them printed in 3D. They can receive the file to print them on their home 3D printer or receive them by mail in 3D plastic.  Customers can see, feel and wear the creation before investing to make sure it's what they want.

"Somebody might think that they want a one carat round or a one carat princess cut, and they think it's the same, but it's actually very different in terms of diameter and depth," he said.

The company will even send ring sizers to the mailbox of customers who don't know their size, so they can avoid the jewelry store altogether.

Customers have reported some unexpected delights with the plastic 3D printed rings.

"People like wearing them, for like, more than an hour at a time, just to play around with it, and they can actually feel like they are part of the excitement of wearing the actual ring," Barel laughed.