3 Delray Beach restaurants have the most food violations during most recent state inspections

Delray restaurants respect high state standards

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is known for its great tasting restaurants, but this week the Avenue is in the spotlight for what state inspectors found inside three nearby businesses.

State inspectors visited close to 200 restaurants in its latest report, and three of the top violators were in Delray Beach.

"I come down here practically every weekend," restaurant connoisseur Ginger said.

SoLita had 26 issues. Eight were a high priority.

Inspectors found 2 dead lizards, and 3 live roaches on traps.

The restaurant said the pests came out because the pest control company sprayed earlier that morning, and the pest issue is now fixed.

SoLita's management says it has a proven track record and has never been fined. They have questions about this report. That's why on Monday they requested to meet with the state supervisor. Click here to read the full inspection report including their last one in February.

SoLita full statement
"Thank you for reaching out to us for comment on our most recent report from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. These standard inspections are a welcome and normal part of every restaurants operations to mandate quality control.  We uphold the highest operational standards and procedures with a proven track record of never being fined nor receiving any reports or lawsuits from food borne illness. This information is available to the public at  www.myfloridalicense.com. An important message to take away is that hospitality industry and the Division each have a responsibility to the public to work together in constantly improving public service," said Director of Operations Steven Dapuzzo.

You can also search our database of inspection reports .

Down the street at Bru's Room Sports grill, inspectors found 25 issues.

"Oh my gosh. Wow. I would never think Bru's room," Ginger said.

The restaurant had to throw out 15 different types of food including cheeses, turkey burger, rice, pasta, fish, cut tomato, vegetable, ham, prime ribs, chicken liver, hot dog, gravy, beans, macaroni salad, and potato salad. It wasn't the right temperature.

The General Manager said he's not making excuses, but a circuit breaker tripped causing the cooler to get too warm.

The workers do health inspection checks before opening every day and the GM said they would've caught this issue before serving food, but the inspector arrived first.

The restaurant fixed all the violations. Click here to read Bru's inspection reports .

Bru's Room Sports Grill full statement
"A recent inspection of our restaurant identified several violations. Our dedicated professionals take the inspection process seriously, and all violations have been corrected. We look forward to putting this experience to work as we continually improve our operations. We are committed to consistently providing our guests an enjoyable dining experience, and appreciate their continued loyalty."  - Bob Brudzinski, Owner

On Atlantic Avenue, inspectors found 22 issues at Tramonti Italian Ristorante.

The inspector found temperature issues with the cooked octopus and cheese cake.

There were also issues with how raw and ready to eat food were handled and stored.

The family restaurant said it fixed the high priority issues on the spot. Click here to read the Tramonti inspection reports .

Tramonti Italian Ristorante full statement
"As a family owned restaurant with decades of restaurant experience in New York and Florida, we have always endeavored to comply with the regulation of the restaurant industry. We were glad to see that high priority items were corrected on site at the time of the inspection. We applaud the division of hotels and restaurants in the State of Florida for keeping such high standards with respect to food preparation and will continue to abide by all the rules and regulations and correct any matter brought to our attention."

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