Strong winds from possible tornado cause damage in Vero Beach

A roof ripped off a home. A shed looking like wrapping paper around a tree and a power pole knocked down.

That is what neighbors woke up to Wednesday in the Vero Shores neighborhood of Vero Beach.

Jim and Pam O'Neal said they're stunned after a powerful wind walloped what they call home.

"We got up against one of those supporting walls in the house and just stood there because it was just so fast we just didn't know what happened," said Jim.

What happened was a tornado.

Inspectors from the National Weather Service were in Vero Beach by 10:30 Wednesday morning.

Scott Spratt, National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist, determined it was an E-F0 tornado that struck the area with winds at 65 mph.

Many neighbors thought it was a tornado based on what they saw and heard Tuesday night.

Tomi Moore said, "I went to my front door and saw the wind twisting."

Jed Drucker said, "The whole house shook. Never had that happen in a hurricane."

Jim Farnham described the storm as powerful and quick.

"A loud whooshing and it only lasted maybe five seconds or ten seconds and then it was gone.

But the storm's damage will stay behind for a while," said Farnham.

The roof ripped right off a home on 44 22nd Place Southeast in Vero Beach.

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