Ageless Attitude 2017: Medicus Veincare

Medicus Veincare in Abacoa is a comfortable, attractive center dedicated to the expert diagnosis, treatment and non-surgical removal of varicose and spider veins.

Dr. Steven Tidwell is a Board Certified Diagnostic and Vascular/Interventional Radiologist, and is one of the few Interventional Radiologists who treats spider and varicose veins in the Palm Beach and Treasure Coast areas. These unique qualifications allow Dr. Tidwell to succeed in treating even the most difficult of vein cases.

Medicus Veincare believes the patient experience is just as important as the quality of care given. Our vision is to give each patient the highest quality of vein care while providing a tailored experience; we believe these two traits define our practice. To meet our vision, we have worked since our launch in 2005 to improve upon every aspect of our internal processes to create a new standard in healthcare.

To schedule a free consultation, visit or call (561) 624-0123.