'Disturbing' patterns and practices found in unprecedented look at 250 police-involved shootings

A portion of Andy Jackson's skull is missing. Jamil Murray is dead. Dontrell Stephens will never walk again.

They are among 114 people who, since 2000, have been shot at by a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy.

And the three cases are among more than dozen that expose the failures of how Palm Beach County's largest law enforcement agency investigates shootings that involve their own and how far the agency is willing to go to protect them, according to what the Contact 5 Investigators found in partnership with The Palm Beach Post.

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Coverage of officer involved incidents

Police shooting probes:
Deputies shielded by the badge

• 'Disturbing' patterns and practices
• An unrivaled look at more than 250 shootings
WPTV NewsChannel 5 and The Palm Beach Post team up

97% of fatal shootings cleared

Local deputies aren’t held responsible by the sheriff, much less the courts

Bradshaw sets the tone on investigations from the start

Probes are geared to pin blame on the 'bad guy'

Evidence ignored

Incomplete investigations: 153-word report about one killing


'We had to take this action'

Investigations fit the sheriff’s conclusions

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Sheriff Bradshaw knows the streets

He's shot at people three times himself

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What it’s like to pull the trigger

A deputy talks about his trial on charges of killing an unarmed black man. The emotional toll for officers.

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Training — What deputies learn about lethal force

Our reporters tried it.

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How we got the story

Meet Lawrence Mower and Katie LaGrone.

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Back to duty in days

Deputies resume patrol in days — sometimes at their own peril. How deputies can pay the price.

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What about your police force?

25 departments work here: How many shootings? How many officers. Report cards on each.

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Suspects, officers: Lives forever changed

The personal stories behind these shootings

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Fleeing suspects, shooting at cars

Examine the local shootings in your town, by race, any way you want.

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Policing the police?

No one. Really. Not the state attorney, not the state police agency, not the Feds. How do police watch for troubling trends?

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