Hot dog, frankfurter, tube steak: You've been cooking them all wrong, until now

Try the spiral-cut hot dog

Having a 4th of July cookout? Chances are that cookout includes serving up some delicious hot dogs from the grill.

But you may have been cooking them all wrong.

Try cutting them in a spiral this Independence Day, and you'll see a noticeable difference in not only the quality of the cook, but the presentation of the meal.

A viral YouTube video by Chow Food Tips shows there are several advantages when you cut your hot dogs in a spiral, helping get the best dog possible off the grill.

The spiral-cut hot dog not only cooks perfectly even all the way around, but it will get more caramelized due to the increased surface area and has ridges to hold loose condiments when serving.

The YouTube video shows how to cut hot dogs in a spiral, by using only a wooden skewer and a knife, rotating the dog as you cut down on it.

To watch the video and be enlightened in hot dog cooking forever, click in the player below.  

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