Ohio workers busy handcrafting Super Bowl footballs

ADA, Ohio - With the NFL's biggest event approaching, the makers of Wilson footballs are at it again. They are crafting the perfect Super Bowl game ball, one stitch at a time. 

Since 1941, every point scored in the NFL has been with a Wilson football, including the league's biggest game. Super Bowl footballs have been created consistently in the small town of Ada, Ohio, near Ohio Northern University, since 1969.

This year, workers at the Wilson Plant are excited that they are just three hours away from the big game in Indianapolis.

"Everybody knows it's close. We've got some employees here who have relatives in Indiana so it's a big deal for us," said Wilson Plant Manager Dan Riegle. 

Friday, before the game, Wilson is taking all of its employees to get in on the NFL experience at the Indiana Convention Center. About 100 workers will bring their Ada craftsmanship to the place nicknamed the Circle City. It is an opportunity for them to show football fans how the game balls are made.

"People think we have some kind of robot or something, but there are just some things that people have to do themselves," said Jane Hesler, a machine operator.

The Giants and Patriots kickoff this Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI.

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