Top 5 drowning prevention tips: Keep your kids safe from the dangers of drowning

Florida loses more children under the age of five to drowning than any other state in the country. 

"We could fill up three or four classrooms of little kids under five who have drowned in Florida,” said Ann Brown, the former chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, who now lives in Florida.

For Kids Safety Alert Day, we came up with the top five ways to keep your children safe, not only in the pool, but all bodies of water around the house. 

#1 Place alarms on your doors

It's one more layer of security so you can hear children trying to reach the pool. The best part about it, you can get them for free. Just follow this link

"The main way that little kids drown is not when they're out by the pool with a group of people, but when they sneak out of the house when you don't know it,” Brown said.

#2 Assign a designated pool watcher

This is especially important in crowded environments, a pool party, a family get-together.   
Don't assume someone's watching. Make it one adult's sole responsibility to watch children in all parts of the pool.

#3  Don't leave kids in a bathtub unattended

Bathtub drowning’s account for 3 percent of all child drowning’s in Palm Beach county, according to the latest statistics from Safe Kids Palm Beach County.

"You only need a couple of inches for a child to drown in a bathtub and a parent may be lulled into thinking the child is safe," Brown said.

#4 Make sure you have a fence around your pool 

It’s recommended that you install a fence that is free standing from the house.
Also, it needs to be at least 48 inches tall and have a locking mechanism. 

#5 Learn CPR

If you think learning CPR is not important consider this: The American Red Cross says for every one minute CPR is not administered it decreases your survival rate by 10 percent.

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