Riviera Beach residents say they're forced to live in deplorable conditions

Property managers say they need time to fix things

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Jessica Mayes lives at Stonybrook apartments in Riviera Beach and says she lives in filth.
"You can't hang stuff up because the wall is so weak and from the roaches eating it up. I've got a rat hole. They've plastered it up but they still eat right back through," Mayes said.

Theresa Chapelle is her neighbor.

"When me and my kids go in there to use the restroom, I don't know what it is coming from the tub or the toilet upstairs but it leaks on us," she said.

Residents say many homes at Stonybrook Apartments are in awful shape.
The Riviera Beach complex houses 400 people.
Today, Riviera Beach mayor Thomas Masters led dozens in a protest. He says a small fire sparked by a broken water heater was the last straw.

"We want them to fix it, they have the money to fix it, and fix it now," said Masters.

The property manager at Stonybrook says his company, Miami Mar, should not be blamed for the disrepair:

He says it happened under previous owners.

"We need to fix the 25 years of neglect that the property has had. We've been here a total of 100 days. We've gotten a lot of stuff done in 100 days," said Edward Montes of Miami Mar, Inc.

He says the company has already spent $200,000 on repairs.

"We are working with the city, with the exception of Mayor Masters. He is organizing these protests and has called all you people down here. He has a different agenda," said Montes.

"Maybe that is a good reason people will vote, for people who stand up for justice," said Masters.

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