Peruvian Festival "Así es mi Perú" to celebrate independence, showcase culture

It started in 1993, with a group of six Peruvians living in Palm Beach County. They wanted to throw a party to celebrate the independence of the South American country from Spain and learn about the culture of their new homeland as well as the culture of other Spanish-speaking countries.

What better way to do it, they thought, than to throw a festival?, said Armando Montañez , organizer of the yearly event.

That’s how the “Así es mi Perú” festival was born.

The first festival attracted around 200 people. Last year more than 1,000 people attended the festival and organizers hope more people attend this year. 

“We have incorporated many more singers, a greater variety of live music, including salsa, folk groups, arts and crafts, and a greater variety of foods,” said Montañez, “Among the folk dance groups, this year we have added Festroni-K, an afro-peruvian percussion group.”

The group is known for using a cajón, a large wooden box used to carry agricultural products and now known as one of the typical musical instruments of Peru. In addition the group uses cowbells, bongos and guitars and, in modern times, an electric piano.

The event will be held on Sunday at the Finland House Soumitalo, 301 Central-Finlandia Boulevard, Lantana

The festival starts at noon. Cost is $20 per person. Free for children under 10.

For more information, call (561) 577-8789