Local residents talk about loved ones in Chile during earthquake

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Mass destruction after the massive earthquake struck Chile. Juan Sanchez' brother and sister-in-law were among those forced to leave their homes near the coastline.

Juan, who does not speak English had a friend translate for him. He said, "They had time to pick up some stuff some personal stuff before they ran out and they were able to accumulate some stuff."

A tsunami alert forced Juan's family to high ground, and they snapped photos. Hundreds of others joining them.

Juan moved to the U.S. a month ago with his wife and kids. He said he was sad because the family was where the earthquake hit and also his mom, his wife and his son.

Carlos Mena is owner of El Rincon Chileno De Sarita in West Palm Beach. He says his wife owns property in Chile along the coastline. He's not sure if the cabana has been destroyed, but says the quake has left many without a place to live or food to eat.

"When something happens like that, there are restrictions to open a grocery store and near the center of the earthquake they've got a problem to get to the grocery store they were all closed and also it was difficult to get gas for the car," said Carlos.


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