Jupiter High School surf team going to California

JUPITER, Fla. - Sports are important to any high school kid.

Ryan Cary, a sophomore at Jupiter High School says, "It's just good exercise doing something they love but it also keeps them involved, helps the community service, helps them interact with kids, keeps them away from doing bad things."

And South Florida has a unique sport that Jupiter High has excelled in.

Surfing isn't the first thing you think about when talking about high school sports, but at Jupiter High it is.

"This year we qualified for the East Coast Championships. We surfed there and won second place there and lost to Melbourne High School and the first and second place teams qualify you for nationals," Brian Kovachik, the coach of the team, said.

Nationals take place in Southern California. So, the Jupiter Wave Warriors are hard at work not only in the water, but on land, raising enough money so everyone can make the trip.

Cary says, "This is our last fundraiser... we leave in two weeks to go to California. So we're really trying to stock up on as much money as we can get because its a real expensive trip."

They have a little more than half raised, and had a big event at Guanabanas Restaurant , in Jupiter.

Kovachik says, "Put Jupiter, a small community in South Florida on a national surf level, where we take small little Jupiter High School. Go out and compete against teams from Hawaii and get us as a team on the map that 'hey, we're a force to be reckoned with, that we've got good surfing in South Florida.' "

Lexi Galmin, a junior on the Jupiter High Surf team, is excited to go. "I really hope we stack up well, we should be pretty good compared to the rest of the surfers there because we have a lot of experienced surfers here, a lot of sponsored great surfers," he says.

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