General Motors will honor some Saab warranties

Saab undergoing bankruptcy in Sweden

(WXYZ) - General Motors is agreeing to honor some Saab warranties.

The automaker refused to approved the sale of Saab to the Chinese. The company filed for bankruptcy in Sweden, Monday. The company has suspended warranty coverage for all vehicles in North America.

GM says it will honor warranties for vehicles that were sold while it owned Saab. This will affect 48,000 Saabs sold in the U.S. and another 9,000 sold in Canada. The cars are from the model years 2009 and older.

GM sold Saab to the Dutch sports car maker Spyker, in 2010. Spyker was never able to make a go of the business and recently tried to sell it to the Chinese.

GM says it will pay dealers for warranty repairs, rather than giving the warranty money to Saab. 

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