Ford unveils new Escape at Los Angeles Auto Show

Redesigned Escape is sleeker and sportier

(WXYZ) - Ford is kicking it up a notch at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Ford is unveiling its totally redesigned 2013 Escape that features a power liftgate that opens with just a kicking motion. The new motion operated hatch is a first of its kind.

The new Escape is built on Ford's global C platform. Although it appears sleeker and sportier, it still features the same amount of cargo room. The new crossover will come in three different engine models. It will get five miles per gallon better fuel economy than the model it replaces. Some versions will get as much as 33 miles per gallon. Ford plans to drop its hybrid model because the new vehicle's gas mileage actually surpasses the hybrid's m.p.g.

Ford has been testing the new liftgate for more than a year. They wanted to make sure that a small child or ball rolling under the vehicle couldn't set it off.

The Escape is an important vehicle for Ford. The current Escape is the best selling small SUV in the segment. Even though the Crossover is being built on the C platform, the new Escape will meet light truck and SUV clearance standards.

The 2013 Escape will be in showrooms in the Spring. It is expected to start around $25,000.

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