Coupon Divaz help you find bargains grocery shopping

Shopping to save money

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Meet Kris Barnett and Stacey Willson. They call themselves the 'Coupon Divaz.' They make a living helping others save on their grocery bills.

"We get excited usually the cashiers get excited for us. People behind us while we are waiting...handing them coupons to try to help them out. Kris said one time as we were walking in that I feel like I am going on a scavenger hunt," Willson said.

The women say they find hidden treasures when they use dozens of coupons every time they shop.

"Originally we were doing the coupons out of envelopes and going in the grocery store and you are trying to go through the envelopes, 'oh this is on sale or that is on sale,' and it was just so overwhelming and we would drop them, we would forget a pack of envelopes on the table. 'I thought I had this one, where is it?' " said Barnett.

The women realized they needed to have a game plan in order to cash in all of their coupons.

Stacey said organization is the key to saving money. "We put together a notebook which other people have but we put together the list and a binder."

The Coupon Divaz can help you save up to 70 percent of your grocery bill and also help you get some items for free.

Stacey said the ladies host shows to educate consumers on how to save money, especially during this economy. "We teach at our shows how to put together your shopping list, we teach resources online as well as in the Sunday paper. We give so much information that we want our students to leave knowing how to coupon and excited about it."


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